Pet Therapy Animals

 The EHCAA offers select animals for pet therapy at nursing homes, children’s clinics, or any other facility where there are people in need of love and attention. If you operate any such facility in the City of Kingman, AZ, please don’t hesitate to contact us.  We would love to serve you and your patients or clients.

Lady MaddelynnAKA Maddy

Maddy is one of our pet therapy cats. She is a Savannah cat. The Savannah cat is one of the newer feline breeds in The International Cat Association of America. Maddy is well know for her excellent temperament and her love of people. If you would like to have Merryn visit your facility, please give us a call.

Picture of Maddy Here.

Sir Timmothy(AKA Timmy)

Timmy is an absolutely huge LOVING Domestic Longhaired neutered male. He obtained the highest title possible in The International Cat Association (Supreme Grand Master) as well as several Regional Awards. Timmy loves people and loves to be petted. He is also very affectionate and will snuggle up to complete strangers.

Picture of Timmy Here.