Shelter Facilities

Our shelter consists of several different types of enclosures.  We have a 2500 sq ft building that has central air and central heat.  Inside this building are walk-in enclosures made from chain link.  These enclosures are 6 ft wide by 8 ft long by 8 ft tall.  Each one has shelves and cat trees for the cats to climb on.  There are small colonies of 4-5 cats in each of this size enclosure.We also have a series of outside enclosures and are adding more enclosures to this portion of the facility.  These enclosures are built in pairs and are 8 ft wide by 16 ft long by 8 ft tall, with the two enclosures connected by a safety/carch cage.  On this page, you can see some of these facilities.  Each pair of these enclosures costs $5000 to construct.To date, we have built eight pairs, for a total cost of $40,000.  This money came directly out of our pocket.  We desparately need more of these enclosures, but we are out of money.  So, if you would please donate, even $5.00, we can use every dime we can collect to build additional facilities.  We are out of room.  When the Quartzite shelter closed down, we took in 28 more cats.  As a result, many of our cats are living in colonies that are larger than the pens were originally designed to hold.We need to alleviate this situation to reduce the stress on the animals.  Please consider donating whatever you can to assist us in this endeavor.