Spay/Neuter Program

It is our goal that all animals taken in by the shelter will be spayed or neutered prior to being adopted out to their new homes.  In those instances where this is not possible, due to age and/or weight requirements by our veterinarian, we will require a refundable spay/neuter deposit to be returned to the adoptive parents upon completion of the spay/neuter procedure that will also be required by virtue of the adoption agreement.

To accomplish this goal, EHCAA needs donations to cover the expense of the spay and neuter surgeries, or in the alternative, needs a veterinarian to volunteer to perform these services for the organization.

Spay/neuter services are also offered to the sick, elderly, or indigent who cannot afford to have their pets spayed or neutered.

All spays and neuters are performed by a qualified veterinarian at the prevailing rates for those types of surgical procedures, unless said services are provided as a donation by a licensed veterinarian.

Spays and neuters are normally performed in Kingman, AZ, but may be performed elsewhere if the opportunity present itself.  Since one of the purposes of the organization is to educate the public with respect to what constitutes responsible pet ownership, the spay/neuter program is critical to furthering the exempt purposes of the organization in that it serves to reinforce the proposition that spaying and neutering non purebred animals is an important and essential part of responsible pet ownership.

This program is funded through private donations, as well as the adoption fees collected for animals placed in permanent homes.