TNR Trap-Neuter-Release

The Exotic Heritage Cat Association of America has initiated a TNR program in the communities of Kingman and Golden Valley, in the State of Arizona.

Often times, a feral cat is trapped by Animal Control and is deemed unsuitable for adoption due to its feral nature.  EHCAA will try to work with the cat in an effort to socialize it and make it more adoptable to a permanent home.  However, in the event that EHCAA determines that a feral cat is simply unmanageable or not able to be adequately socialized, EHCAA will have the cat spayed or neutered and returned to its previous environment, where it can be allowed to live out its life without contributing to an even larger feral population.

We have already begun to receive feral cats into our shelter, where they remain in quarantine until such time as they are deemed to have been adequately socialized, or in the alternative, have been deemed unadoptable and are ready for re-release.

We take in feral mamma cats that are pregnant and allow them to have their litter.  Then we spay the mamma cat, and place her in a home, if possible or release her back to her territory if she is not able to be adequately socialized.

The resulting kittens are spayed or neutered and then placed in permanent homes.

This program is funded solely through donations.  Donations may be sent, via PayPal, to  We also take credit cards over the phone by calling us at 928-757-1437.  No amount is too small.